Orthotic2.jpg Because the feet are the very foundation from which all other joints align, it is easy to understand why even subtle faulty biomechanics of the lower extremities - excessive pronation of the feet - can cause a domino effect of stresses and strains on every joint of the body, literally from toe to head. This in turn will predispose a patient to an acceleration of the aging process that can include advanced arthritis, and can affect myriad muscles, tendons, ligaments and joints. What this means is that treatment of a great number of musculoskeletal problems is simply not complete unless the faulty biomechanics of the feet, ankles and lower leg  are considered as the potential cause.


  • Foot and ankle: pain, especially under the big toe and successive toes, lessening with each successive toe; plantar fascitis; a history of heel spurs, and even complete tear of the Achilles tendon.
  • Calf and knee: pain (especially after sitting for long periods); crepitus (especially when walking upstairs); peripatellar pain; calf cramps; poor circulation in the calves; cold feet.
  • Hip and thigh: aching and/or tired legs; leg cramps; iliotibial band pain; crepitus in the hip; a history of hip arthritis and pain.
  • Lower back: insidious pain, disc injury or pain from a lifting injury.

Your body is an interconnected system of specialized parts, and the support structure which holds everything together is made up of bones, muscles, tendons, and ligaments. Even if your feet don't hurt, they may be contributing to your overall postural balance. If you're having pain or discomfort in a specific area of your body- anywhere from your feet to your neck- foot orthotics may be right for you.

Please call one of our offices to find out if you are a candidate for this service.  The examination is painless and takes only minutes to determine what is right for you.


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